Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mini Update

Well I've not really felt much like putting finger to keyboard and writing recently, but I have been keeping to the WW plan and busted through a motivational dry spot and lost 1 kilo both last week and this week which is very pleasing to me.

My Mum arrives today so I am faced with a different challenge as we will be out a lot, which means eating a lot of food which I haven't personally prepared.  I will be very happy to stay the same at next weeks weigh in, I will make the best choices i can and I am going to enjoy the week we have together!  The good news is that I shall be a lot more active than usual so hopefully that will earn me a few extra activity points along the way.

That is it from me for now, onwards and downwards!


  1. Best weight maintenance solution for eating out is to split with your Mum! Especially all that German food, oy, talk about massive portions. Like you said though, enjoy the week you have together, even if that means a few extra calories...Mom time is totally worth it in my opinion :) Hope you guys have fun!

  2. We had great fun, my scales are even showing a small loss, although I think they are lying to me! Ate lots of treats without eating everything I saw and liked the look of lol, back on the wagon now though!

  3. Hi

    Thought this site might be of interest to you in your quest:

    Lots of science, videos from doctors and the like.