Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yes I'm fat, but I'm still me and I'm getting slimmer by the day!

Before leaving England I had already lost about 3 stones, or 20 kilos in new money, which is something I am really quite pleased with! However I do have quite a lot more to lose. Unfortunately whilst suffering from depression I have over the years grown and grown, and while it is a symptom rather than the cause of my depression I can tell you it certainly hasn't helped with building confidence. Anyway the point is that for the first time in a very long time my weight has been steadily decreasing, perhaps not as quickly as I might like but down nonetheless.

I have hidden how big I am from friends for so long, I won't meet people I haven't seen for such a long time and there are no pictures of me on my Facebook account that I have held for almost 5 years now. So I need to come out of this plus sized closet a little and say "Yes I'm fat, but I'm still me and I'm getting slimmer by the day!" which is why I decided to make a connected blog rather than a completely anonymous one. In fact I've just renamed the post title to that exact statement!

Since arriving in Germany, Uwe and I have joined a WeightWatchers class together and I have already lost an amazing 3.9 kilos!! Although I cannot understand everything that is being said I do understand quite a lot of it in context and it is another excuse to be surrounded by native speakers in the hopes that some of the words will sink in, and as I get to know people I'll gain some confidence to try and communicate with them. I have bought the WW Deutsch Klassiker cookbook to give me an intro into German cookery, and this morning I have prepared a marinade for Sauerbraten which we'll be eating on Saturday night.

My Mum arrives in 7 weeks time and am setting an insanely high target of another 10 kilos by then, which I will probably reduce to a more attainable on in a couple of weeks lol.

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