Monday, 31 October 2011


It is one thing to get a gain when you know you've cheated or been naughty, but there is nothing like the disappointment of having a gain when you've done everything you can to stay on track.

Most people will support your weight loss attempts but there are the odd few that will try and sabotage your efforts instead.  Much like when I gave up smoking there were other smokers who were only too happy to give in to my drunken requests for a cigarette.

On Friday we went to a colleague of Uwe's for dinner.  I had been forewarned that the guy is a foodie and that he won't be serving us anything low fat and I was fine with that, it is after all someone else's hospitality and I shall always graciously accept it.  I saved my all my weekly points to eat on Friday night and most of that days points were available too, how much damage can one meal do?

The night before Uwe received a text which set alarm bells ringing, it was asking whether I liked cheese.  This was the point at which Uwe confided that his colleague was aware that he had been doing well losing weight and that he was trying at every opportunity to lead him off the plan.

So it was because of this that a dieter's nightmare awaited us at his house on Friday, a delicious nightmare I might say, but a nightmare nonetheless. Cheese Fondue with bread to dip and not a single vegetable to hide behind, there was no "making the best of the bad choices" as all I could do was dip my cubes of bread into the melting cheese pot.

Friday morning I had seen a new low on the scales I had expected have achieved my 5% weightloss since joining WW in Germany this evening, but this morning my scales were showing a 400 gram gain on the week before, even my careful eating over the weekend could not repair the damage caused.

I thought it wouldn't be too bad in the end, last week I weighed in a jumper so a light T-shirt could minimise the gain and possibly see a very small loss or at least stay the same.  However our leader was getting married, so we had a temporary lady, which means weighing in on different scales so in the end I saw a 1.2 kilo gain and I was glad I hadn't been expecting my award after all.

But I find it unfair, after being so dedicated all week to be faced with such a result, sometimes the scales are stacked against you no matter what you do.  Roll on next week :(


  1. I think it's totally unfair that we, as women, are expected to maintain this certain look, and yet our bodies are more prone to hold fat than men! I also agree with you that it's unfair that you did so well all week and yet still didn't receive the outcome you had hoped for. :( Unfortunately, I think that is also part of being a matter how much exercise we do or how healthy we eat, there are times when our bodies just want to be heavier and softer than we'd like them to be. :) Hang in there though, there's so many factors that cause weight fluctuations, I'm sure by next week you'll be back where you want to!

  2. I am feeling a lot more positive about things now, thanks :) The problem is I would like my weight loss graph to be a nice straight, almost vertical line, but instead it is more like a road map of a trip where you only take the back roads, one way or another I'll reach my destination :)