Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I had been a little worried about weigh in this week, I am not sure why as I had been following the plan perhaps that is why I would be gutted to not have had a loss.  As it happens I did really well and lost 1,3 kgs (almost 3 lbs) so very happy this evening.

We had a busy weekend of entertaining too, and all was done well within our points!  On Saturday there were 6 of us for dinner, it was supposed to be only 5 but one of Uwe's friends called and said he was bringing another friend which I wouldn't usually mind at all.  However when you are serving a meal which has been marinating for 3 days there isn't really much you can do but make the food stretch, so I didn't get to eat much of the meat but what I did eat was nice.

On Sunday Uwe's parents came to lunch and we had Beef Goulash. One thing that I still find a little odd about German food is that they serve plain pasta on the side instead of say potatoes or rice, not sure why I find it strange I suppose it is just something I would never have thought of doing back home.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take pictures of either the Goulash or Sauerbraten, I promise to post pics of things I cook this week, in fact I am off to plan some shopping!


  1. Oh wow... you're amazing!! I put on almost 10 kilos in my first year here... whoops... just couldn't get enough of those Schnitzel ;) It's very slowly coming off again (with a LOT of swimming - I have very little willpower when it comes to eating) but I'm really annoyed with B - I go away for a week and when I come back he's lost more weight in that time than I have in months!! Oh well, slowly slowly catchy... Schnitzel ;) Keep up the brilliant work :)

  2. Oh to be a man without fleshy fat hoarding lady bumps! I was engaged to a skinny skinny guy that used to eat nothing but junk food and I swear it was me that put on all his weight via osmosis, not surprising we didn't quite make it down the aisle =P

    Mmmmm Schnitzel.... **drools**

  3. I also put on weight since moving to Germany! I think it has to do with living with a boyfriend as I end up eating much bigger potions of food-matching what he eats. Also my fella is always bringing home cakes and pastries from the bakery, and my willpower is not so strong!

  4. I think what you're doing is awesome...and very brave in a country where the food is not known for helping shed the pounds! You're food sounds yummy too. Happy cooking and happy pound shedding :)

  5. @Dublin gal, the cakes all look so tempting and taste so good, I think you'd need a nuclear powered will to be able to resist when put under your nose!

    @Cara Thank you so much :) I had no idea how good the food was here before my first visit, schnitzel, käsespätzle and all kinds of kuchen... mmmmm...